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Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

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English Myths and Legends Writing – Complete 4 Week Unit of Work

Are you looking for a unit that teaches children how to write myths and legends? Are you searching for ideas for a myths and legends unit? These myths and legends resources are the answer to your problems.

Not only have you found a complete myths and legends unit plan, this pack also includes myths and legends videos, myths and legends vocabulary sheets, myths and legends worksheets and myths and legends writing examples and activities.


This download includes a complete four-week English unit on Greek myth writing. Children will analyse and discuss myth texts in different mediums, look at myths and legends monsters, take part in activities for myths and legends lessons, spend time looking at the different elements of myths and legends and then create their own pieces of writing.

Everything you need to teach the whole unit is included.

This download includes:

☀️Full and detailed myths and legends lesson plans

☀️PowerPoint slides for lessons

☀️Myth videos and texts

☀️Myths and Legends Activities for every lesson with clear progression

☀️Examples, prompts and templates for the activities

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