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Recount Writing Unit

Recount Writing Unit

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Recount Writing Complete, Two Week, Unit of English Work

Recount Writing - Complete English Unit of Work

This is a complete two-week, English lesson on recount writing. Are you wondering how to teach recount writing? Does your class struggle with recount writing structure? Save time and deliver a full unit on how to write recounts. With full examples and progression to help your children understand and produce recounts.

This download includes a complete English unit on recount writing. Children will examine recount texts in different mediums and then create their own pieces of writing, before finally applying the techniques they have learnt to other areas of writing. Everything you need to teach the whole unit is included.



This download includes:

✍ Full and detailed recount writing lesson plans

✍ PowerPoint slides for lessons

✍ Recount writing worksheets pdf

✍ Recount writing activities for every lesson with clear progression

✍ examples, prompts and templates for the activities

✍ Videos and other types of recounts to work from

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