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Relativity Science Workbook

Relativity Science Workbook

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Science is Fun – Learn and Colour: Physics - Relativity

Educational and engaging science workbook for eight to eleven year olds! Perfect for helping your child with school work or to give them a head start and advantage in their lessons!

Teach children about the basics of physics with relativity. Science is so interesting and having fun while learning helps children to remember their lessons!

This engaging book explains the theory of relativity in an easy to follow and simple to understand way. This book breaks down how time can travel differently and the relationship between time and gravity. This book is great for teaching kids all about relativity in physics or to complement their science lessons.

I am a primary school teacher with extensive experience helping children to understand complex topics in engaging and relatable ways. My books are detailed without being overwhelming and have all being used with my own students to teach and enhance lessons.
The book is 40 pages long and standard US letter size (A4 – 22 x 28 cm). Each page is accompanied by beautiful colouring pages.

From the Science is Fun – Learn and Colour Series

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