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Rainforest Plants Lesson

Rainforest Plants Lesson

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Identifying Tropical Rainforest Plant Life Complete Lesson


Save time and make your rainforest lessons outstanding, with this complete lesson on tropical rainforest plants!


This download includes a complete, differentiated lesson on the tropical rainforest, vegetation and plants which grow in the rainforest. The lesson focuses on learning the facts about tropical rainforest trees, rainforest flowers and jungle plants as well as recognising them.


There is a detailed PowerPoint to introduce children to the various tropical rainforest flora. They will learn; ‘what are rainforest plants?’, plant types and facts and how they survive in the jungle!


The children will then complete activity sheets to show their understanding. There are 3 differentiated activity sheets included, to allow for differentiation and then an extension activity.


Everything needed for the lesson is included in this download. This lesson is a great way to teach children about the types of plants that live in the tropical rainforest


This download includes:

☀️ Full and detailed lesson plan

☀️ Complete lesson PowerPoint

☀️ Differentiated activity sheets (x3)

☀️ Extension activity sheet

 This lesson is also available as part of my rainforest lesson bundle here

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