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Passover Lesson

Passover Lesson

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Passover Lesson

A complete lesson on Passover to engage and inform your students! This lesson has everything for the whole lesson, to save you time, with no prep work needed. No more searching for Passover lesson ideas.

Students can learn about the history of Passover, when it happens and the Passover story. The PowerPoint covers all of this making it simple for the teacher to deliver an engaging lesson. The Seder Plate is also covered with full explanation.

After the PowerPoint, the class can complete detailed and differentiated worksheets with the new information they have learnt. Making it easy for the teacher to see how much the class understood and to asses for future lessons.


This download includes:

❤️ Complete 30 slide PowerPoint

❤️ 7 page worksheets (x3 differentiated)

❤️ Answer sheets

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