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Opinion Writing Unit Lesson Plans

Opinion Writing Unit Lesson Plans

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Opinion Writing Unit Lesson Plans

Free Opinion Unit Lesson Plans

This 3-week lesson plan will help make opinion writing easier for students and teachers. 15 engaging lessons are included, with detailed plans to teach opinion writing to your whole class or use for independent work.

Three weeks, with fifteen lessons in total, walks the students through the whole process of planning, writing, editing and presenting their opinion texts.

The lessons support the students in selecting topics and narrowing choices, writing effectively and developing a style as well as polishing and improving their texts. There are also exercises on grammar and recognising opinion texts from factual texts.

Each lesson includes a starter activity related to the learning objective – also provided – and detailed explanations of the lesson.


Make your planning and delivery so much easier and quicker.


The resources that go along with these plans are also available here as a whole unit

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