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Natural vs. Man-Made Materials

Natural vs. Man-Made Materials

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Natural vs. Man-Made Materials - Complete Lesson Natural and Man-Made

Materials Lesson Plan, PowerPoint and Worksheets

No prep and easy to use science lesson on natural materials and man made materials, save time and enhance your teaching with this quick access lesson.

Get your class interested in how different materials are made, explain the difference between natural materials and man made materials.

This download includes a detailed natural versus man made materials PowerPoint to explain different natural and man-made materials. There are also differentiated worksheets to allow children to demonstrate understanding of the natural and man-made materials around them; finally there is a worksheet to allow children to sort materials they find in their own environment.


This download includes:

✅ lesson plan on natural and man made materials

✅ Lesson PowerPoint

✅ 3 x differentiated natural materials and man made materials worksheet

✅ Answer sheet

✅ Natural and man made materials activity Sorting worksheet


This lesson is also available as part of a big material bundle here


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