Interactive Telling Time Reward Tags

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Give you class something to brag about!

These reward tags can be printed and used in your classroom to reward your student when they learn to tell the time. Children love to collect them all so they are a perfect behavior management system.

Although there is more to these tags than meets the eye!

To access the augmented reality aspects of the tags, simply download the free Metaverse AR (augmented reality) app (available for iPad/iPhone and android formats). Scan the code and a fun character will appear in your classroom to congratulate the kids!

That’s not all, each tag has a unique AR reward that the children can collect and save in the app. Children can create a Metaverse account then any rewards they receive will be saved in their inventory. As the children have earned the rewards I let them take their new tag home and scan on home phones or tablets to save their rewards, to help with this, in this product you will also find parent instruction cards to send home.

If you do not wish your class to create accounts, they can still claim their reward on screen but it will not be saved in their inventory.


Included tags:
  • I can tell  time

  • I can tell time to the hour
  • I can tell  time to the half hour
  • I can tell time to the quarter of an hour
  • I can tell time to the minute
  • I can tell  time on a digital  clock
  • I can tell time on an analogue clock
  • I know how many minutes in an hour
  • I know how many hours in a day
  • I know how many days in a month
  • I know how many months in a year
  • I know how many weeks in a year
  • I know how many days in a week
  • I know the difference between AM and PM
  • I can use my watch

      Please ask if you have any questions!