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Free Math Practice Game

Free Math Practice Game

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Solve the mystery and learn at the same time!


Fun and engaging way to practice math skills with your class. Play this easy to prep game where your class will hunt for clues, read evidence, answer math questions and collect all the information in their special detective notebooks.


Kids love to play this game solving the clues and working out who did it!


This pack includes detective notebooks for the class to answer questions, record anything they think is important and also collect their clues. Evidence pieces such as emails, burnt letters and secret notes to help the students solve the mystery. There are also evidence marker cards to help the kids find the evidence around the room.

This game is fun and educational, a great way to practice math skills.


Included in this download:


✅Clue markers

✅Detective notebooks

✅Evidence pieces

✅Full teacher instructions

✅Answer key

Type of math questions in the game:

If Tony earns 2 holiday days a month, how many days of holiday does Tony get in a year?

This game is the smaller free version of my mystery games which are here


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