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Early Years Practitioner Course - Pre-Register

Early Years Practitioner Course - Pre-Register

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Please note course does not open until October 7th. Register now for the pre-launch 60% discount.

Teaching in the Early Years – Becoming a Better Early Years Practitioner
A Course for Early Childhood Teachers
You as an early years teacher, are an important part of a child’s development. The early years are important because young children’s learning about the world and themselves has a direct effect on the adults they will become. It is vital that we as educators support, nurture and educate their emotional, social and physical development. 
Early years practitioners are often expected to automatically understand how to construct, teach, assess and deliver results in an early years setting without adequate understanding and training. This course will guide you through the important areas and prepare you for working with young children in the early stages of their education.
Who is this course for?
This is a complete course on teaching in the early years so is suitable for anyone that works with and educates young children.
The principles and direction in this course can be applied to schools with early years provisions, nurseries, pre-schools and home school settings.
What will you learn?
This course contains 6 modules and covers the learning environment for your early years classroom, setting up daily routines, how to teach in early years and the role you play as an educator, how assessment can be carried out in early years, how to create and use learning journals and finally how to effectively plan for early years learning.
There is a lot of detail in each module as well as examples, to help you keep track of each hand out and the information provided, there is a workbook to go along with this course.
What’s included?
These are six modules in this course which contain  - videos and a 32 page workbook which contains advice, exercises, ideas and templates. The workbook is designed to be used alongside the course as there are examples for each module.
A bit about me
My name is Charlee and I am an Early years and primary school teacher with a masters in Educational studies. The information, examples and advice in this course is collected from my own experience, the expertise of other professionals and academic study

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