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Dinosaur Writing Activities

Dinosaur Writing Activities

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Dinosaur Themed Independent Writing Work Grade K-1


Kids love dinosaurs! This pack will encourage them to develop their writing skills while having fun!

Each activity is prepped and ready to save time and fit in with your dinosaur theme. There are sheets to practice particular skills, such as ordering alphabetically, poetry and handwriting practice. Other dinosaur-themed writing activities focus on developing story ordering skills.

The whole pack is designed to support students as they explore and improve their writing skills.


This download has 19 pages to help children with their writing skills. Included in the sheets are:

✅Order the dinosaurs alphabetically

✅Design a pet dinosaur

✅Dinosaur rules

✅Write a dinosaur shopping list

✅Dinosaur handwriting practice sheets

✅Interview a dinosaur

✅Pet dinosaur worksheet

✅Write dinosaur poetry sheets

✅Order the dinosaur story

✅What does a dinosaur need worksheet

✅What happens next

✅Write about the dinosaur picture sheets


    This download is also available as part of my Dinosaur Independent Work Bundle

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