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Day of the Dead Lesson

Day of the Dead Lesson

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Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos PowerPoint and Worksheets

This download teaches children about the festival of Dia de Los Muertos in one complete lesson. Learn all about Day of the Dead History from the easy-to-follow PowerPoint. Explain the festival and celebrations to your class. Once they understand the learning, there are detailed, differentiated worksheets to allow students to demonstrate their understanding. All resources prepped and ready to go.


These worksheets are great for displays or in books as they can be colored in and decorated while still being informative.


There is a detailed 45 slide PowerPoint on the celebrations of The Day of the Dead festival, fun traditional facts, details about how it is celebrated, information about the food that is made and eaten, Dia de Los Muertos traditions and a look at the different parts of an altar.

There are also differentiated, 8 page, Dia de Los Muertos festival, worksheets to allow students to support the learning. This pack is great for teaching kids all about this Mexican celebration in your classroom.


This download includes:

✨Complete 45 slide, festival of the dead, PowerPoint

✨8 page printable, Day of the Dead information, worksheets (x3 differentiated)

✨Blank worksheets

✨Answer sheets


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