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Billionaire Boy Worksheet Pack

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Billionaire Boy Worksheet Pack

This download includes a worksheet pack to be used with the book, Billionaire Boy for a novel study or similar. There are lots of activities included separated into three sections, pre-read activities, during reading and after reading activities.

This download includes:

Pre-read sheets:

- Book predictions

- Story ideas mind-maps

- Pre-read question cube

- Workbook cover page

- Write a blurb worksheet


During reading sheets:

- Adjectives in the book

- Cause and effect sheet

- Chapter illustrations

- Character details sheet

- Character drawings

- Character Twitter page

- Comic strips

- Comparative and superlative worksheet

- Compare characters

- Dictionary work worksheet

- Different settings worksheet

- Draw a scene sheet

- During reading question cube
- Character Facebook page

- Guided reading quick challenges

- Character Instagram page
- Interview a character sheet
- Magpie words and phrases sheet

- Character mind-map sheet
- Newspaper template sheet

- Nouns in the book

- Problems and solutions
- Speech marks worksheet
- Spellings sheet

- Author research sheet

- Verbs in the book
- Verb tenses worksheet

- Word search
- Diary entry worksheet

- Character drawings sheet
- Character family tree sheet
- Compare characters sheet
- Your favourite character sheet

- Play-script worksheet
- Character YouTube page

After reading sheets:

- Write a poem sheet

- After reading question cube

- Book review sheet

- Book title sheet

- Crossword puzzle
- Movie poster

- Story basics

- Story map

- Top ten moments sheet
- Top Trumps

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