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Any Question Any Subject Escape Room

Any Question Any Subject Escape Room

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Any Question Any Subject Escape Room


Escape from the ranch!


Explore the ranch, find the ripped pieces of map, Feed the hungry lady and see if the growing flowers will help you to escape!


You can enter up to 16 questions with 3 possible answers for each. The answers need only contain the word so for example if you wanted your answer to be Spiders eat flies you can put a possible answer as flies and the student writing the full sentence would still be marked as correct (you could also use the other 2 options to include fly and insects)


You do not need to fill all the questions, if you leave them they will be filled with questions from the game.


You can also add clues to the game – you do not have to do this but I like to help my students out. If they are asked a question in the game I like to have left a clue to the answer elsewhere. – you have 16 clue slots you do not need to use all or even any of them if you do not want to.


Please ask if you have any questions.

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