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Myth Features Flipbook

Myth Features Flipbook

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Free Myths and Legends Flip book for English Lessons

If you are planning a myths and legends unit and looking for activities for myths and legends, then this flipbook is perfect! Students can create the books and then color the pages to create different versions of a myth. Learn about each feature of a myth and flip through the book matching different monsters to different heroes, different problems to different settings and creating different scenarios.

This flipbook is great for helping children learn about the features of different myths. There is also a blank page template included so students can add their own elements creating different variations and exploring the different elements they will need when it comes to writing their myths.

This flipbook is part of my Myths and Legends unit of work, which covers 4 weeks (20 lessons) on teaching Greek myths and legends to your class. Including lesson plans, videos, worksheets, examples, activities and PowerPoints for the lessons.

You can use these at the beginning of a unit on myths to introduce the different parts they will be learning, or after to recap how the stories all fit together.

The six sections of the book include:

☀️Myths and legends monsters






This freebie is part of the complete unit on Greek myths available here

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