Teaching kids about Science

Why should we be teaching complex topics in science?


Science is an important subject for children of primary age to learn about for several reasons. Not only does it lay the foundation for further scientific education in later years, but it also helps to develop critical thinking skills and encourages a curious and inquisitive nature.

Why is it important?

At this age, children are naturally curious and eager to learn about the world around them. Science offers an excellent opportunity for them to explore and understand the world in a meaningful way. By learning about science, children develop a better understanding of the world and how things work. This understanding will help them make informed decisions throughout their lives.

How do we teach the difficult topics?


One area of science that can be especially difficult for children to understand is relativity. This complex subject can be challenging for even the most experienced teachers. However, as someone who specializes in teaching difficult subjects, I have found that by breaking it down into manageable parts and using interactive and engaging techniques, children can gain a solid understanding of relativity.


That's why I have created a lesson on relativity that I would like to offer for free to readers of this blog. My lesson is designed specifically for children of primary age and uses engaging techniques to make the subject accessible and enjoyable. To get your free lesson on relativity, simply click here.



In addition to the lesson, I have also created a workbook for children to learn about relativity. This workbook is filled with fun activities and exercises that will help children to reinforce their understanding of the subject. The workbook is available here.


Learning about science doesn’t need to be a stressful or confusing subject. By developing an understanding of complex subjects, children can build a solid foundation for future scientific education, develop critical thinking skills, and encourage a curious and inquisitive nature. If you would like to make relativity more accessible and enjoyable for the children in your life, grab your free lesson and the workbook.

Free Lesson on Relativity 


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