Teaching isn’t easy!

Teaching isn’t easy!


We all struggle at some point, and we all need to rely on each other to get by!

This is why, I am so pleased you are here, at my blog. This is where I talk about all the things I use, do and worry about with teaching. I share with you my ideas for teaching different subjects, For developing a classroom culture and maintaining it and also I talk a lot about teacher life.

This post is more of a hello, really even though my blog has been going for a while. So click on the pictures below to see my posts about teaching and classroom life!

Teaching Subjects

A lot of people think that our jobs begin and end with the subjects we teach, we all know there is so much more to it than that, but it is still an important part. 


personally I love teaching math, or maths, or mathematics, or numeracy, whatever you and your school call it, it is one of the best subjects. There are so many fun ways to approach it and fun things to explore. 


When I first started teaching I really struggled with my English lessons, it just felt really hard to help the students level up their writing. 

Foundation subjects

Over here in the UK we call everything else 'foundation subjects' this includes things like art, RE, history and geography. 

Some people include Science as a foundation subject as well, although many disagree!





Classroom Culture

Our classrooms are a little world all of their own, we have our class rules and customs and it can be challenging for outsiders to join in. When you first meet your class you might need to establish these ground rules, customs and set the culture for the year. Here are some post which can help you:

Special Holidays

One of my favourite holidays is Easter (who doesn't love chocolate?) but before we teach children about Easter we need to explain Lent. This post will help you explain the symbols, history and support your class in understanding this religious holiday. 

Behaviour management and support

When I was a new teacher I felt like I would never figure out behaviour management and handling the classroom. After a few years it became so much easier, not just because I had more experience (although that did help!), but also because I listened to other, more experienced, teachers. I used their systems, I worked hard to develop resources that would help me in my class and most of all I listened to my students and the things they needed. 

The best piece of advice I can give to teachers looking for help with classroom management, is to learn the other teachers and from your students themselves. 

Teacher life




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