Teaching Children about Lent

Teaching Children about Lent


Even if you don't work in a religious school, you might still want to teach children about Lent and why it is an important part of the Christian calendar. 

I find that it helps to explain part of the Easter celebrations and gives children some context. 

Some of the parts of Lent which are a good basis to teach children are:

  • What Lent actually is
  • Where the traditions came from
  • How it is celebrated
  • When it is
  • The Story of Lent
  • The different symbols 

Introducing them to these can give a solid basis not just for RE lessons but also in history classes. 

Fun ways to celebrate and learn about Lent in your class: 

  • Encourage the class to think about the things they might give up for Lent
  • Create and draw the things they are grateful for in their lives
  • Create posters
  • Act out the Lent story as a drama
  • Carry out secret good deeds around the school

Have a look at my Lent PowerPoint and Worksheet lesson for extra ways to teach children about this holiday.


What other ways can you celebrate Lent in schools? Let me know


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