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World Book Day Worksheet Pack

World Book Day Worksheet Pack

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This download includes a worksheet pack to be used with the children’s favourite books. There are lots of activities included to help children explore much loved books

Great for guided reading or themed days!

This download includes:

- Adjectives in the book

- A book review sheet

- Book title sheet

- Cause and effect sheet

- Chapter illustrations

- Character drawings

- Character Twitter page

- Comic strips

- Compare characters

- Different settings worksheet

- Draw a scene sheet
- Character Facebook page

- Character Instagram page
- Magpie words and phrases sheet

- Movie poster sheet
- Newspaper template sheet

- Nouns in the book

- Problems and solutions
- Story basics sheet
- Story map sheet

- Top ten moments

- Verbs in the book
- Diary entry worksheet

- Write a scene as a play script sheet
- Your favourite character sheet
- Character YouTube page

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