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Waves and Sound Science Lesson

Waves and Sound Science Lesson

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Waves and Sound Science Lesson


This download teaches children about the science of waves and sound in one complete lesson.  


There is a detailed 34 slide PowerPoint which breaks down the types of waves, explains how they are measured and uses real life examples to help with understanding. There are also differentiated, 9 page, waves, worksheets to allow students to demonstrate their understanding. I have also included a video of my own sounds and waves lesson (using these resources) which took place online for teacher’s understanding or to show the class.


This pack is great for teaching kids all about waves and sound in your science lessons.


This download includes:

- Complete 34 slide PowerPoint

- 9 page printable worksheets (x3 differentiated)

- Blank worksheets

- Answer sheets

- Word bank worksheets

- Lesson video



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