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Tsunamis Escape Room

Tsunamis Escape Room

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Tsunamis Escape Room


Escape the beach! Enhance your Tsunamis lesson with this fun educational game!


Explore the beach and undersea world, see if you can help the birds, play the piano and see if you can hatch the egg to escape!


Learn about Tsunamis in a fun and easy to understand way, answering questions with this fun, science, digital escape room. Children will need to explore the beach, answering questions and solving puzzles and collecting information to escape.


The game covers Tsunami causes, the damage caused and where they happen. The Tsunamis questions all have answers within the game and easy to follow instructions for puzzles.


This game is perfect for your lesson on Tsunamis!


This game is played completely online, no logins required. You simply give your students the game URL and they can play.


Please ask if you have any questions.



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