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The Three Little Pigs Workbook

The Three Little Pigs Workbook

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This resource is a 21 pages workbook on the traditional tale of the three little pigs. The children will first read the fairy story and fill in missing words. There is a sequencing activity to help the class remember the order of the story and embed the elements in memory. A side by side support page to help children rewrite the story changing small parts (pigs to another animal for example). Other activities include, creating a wanted poster for the wolf, answering comprehension questions, word search related to the fairy tale, basic book review, drawing and coloring pages. At the end of the book  there is a word bank with pictures and three story scenes with characters to cut out so children can retell the story using props.

This workbook is great to encourage children to think about the parts of the story, to help them remember the main story points and to encourage their own literacy development.

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