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Teacher-Author Basic Coaching Package

Teacher-Author Basic Coaching Package

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Are you looking for support and coaching to launch or improve your teaching resources business? I am a full time resource seller, with a successful website and extensive marketing training. I have been coaching sellers for just over a year and I am now opening up my coaching services to a limited number of new clients for this year.

If you would like to grow your business with dedicated support and real actionable advice and steps I can help you. I can advise on: Store and site design, product creation, Selling platforms, social media marketing, blogging, use of email lists, business growth and much more.

This is the Basic Coaching Package and includes:

- A primary consultation

- A store or website analysis

- A one hour coaching call

- Option to participate in marketing opportunities after coaching

This is the basic coaching package and is perfect if you would like to start coaching with me. If you are looking for longer more in-depth support please have a look at my Step Up Coaching Package or for even further support and guidance my Advanced Coaching Package

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