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Staff Well-Being Fun Reward Tags (Brag Tags)

Staff Well-Being Fun Reward Tags (Brag Tags)

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Staff need motivating too!


Brag Tags are such fun ways to reward the children in your class! Now these reward tags can be printed and used for your colleagues.


Interactive, digital AR reward tags are also available in my store


This includes 15 reward tags



My coffee didn’t go cold today

My tea didn’t go cold

I didn’t drink wine last night

I drank all the wine last night

I didn’t roll my eyes all lesson

I stayed awake during the meeting

I graded all the papers

I marked all the books

I left school during day light

I didn’t touch anything wet today

I washed up my mugs

I avoided all parents today

I didn’t answer any work emails at the weekend

I spent time with my family

I survived playground duty

Please ask if you have any questions!

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