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Reading Achievement Reward Watches

Reading Achievement Reward Watches

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These reward watches can be printed and used in your classroom to reward reading successes. They are great to give out to the children in the first few days of school to create a fun classroom environment.

There are 4 different designs of each watch, 2 round faces and 2 square, smart-watch designs. You can either have the children color in, their own watch or print them colored.
I usually secure the watches with tape but you can also use paperclips
This download includes 15 different reward watches:
  • I read every night
  • I read for 1 hour
  • I read for 2 hours
  • I have read 5 books
  • I have read 10 books
  • I did all my reading
  • I did all my homework
  • I read my first chapter book
  • I read my first non-fiction book
  • I moved up a reading level
  • I am a reading champion
  • I read to my parents
  • I read to my class
  • I read to my teacher
  • My reading has really improved

Please ask if you have any questions!
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