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Rainforest Deforestation Lesson

Rainforest Deforestation Lesson

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Rainforest Deforestation Complete Geography Lesson

Complete Lesson on Deforestation of the Rainforest Are you looking for deforestation lesson ideas? This full and detailed lesson has everything you need, including an easy to understand, presentation, saving you time on researching your lesson, pictures to help the children understand and examples to make your lessons flow easily.

If you are teaching your class about deforestation this year, then you need this unit. With clear explanations and activities, this pack will save you time and deliver the lesson you need.

This download includes a complete lesson on the deforestation of the rainforest and the effects on the planet. There is a detailed PowerPoint to explain deforestation and effects. The children will then complete a poster to inform and raise awareness about deforestation. Everything needed for the lesson is included in this download.

This download includes:

🌴 Deforestation detailed lesson plan

🌴 Complete lesson PowerPoint

🌴 Starter pictures

🌴 Prompt sheet

🌴 Example poster

This lesson is also available as part of my rainforest lesson bundle here

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