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Understanding Rainforest Weather and Climate - Complete Lesson

Understanding Rainforest Weather and Climate - Complete Lesson

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Complete Lesson on Understanding the Weather and the Climate in the Rainforests

This download includes a complete lesson on the weather and climate in the rainforest. The lesson focuses on the learning the facts about the rainforest weather and making comparisons with local area weather conditions. There is a detailed PowerPoint to ensure children understand. The children will then complete a activity sheets to show their understanding. There are 3 differentiated activity sheets included to allow for differentiation and then two extra comparison sheets. Everything needed for the lesson is included in this download.

This download includes:
- Full and detailed lesson plan
- Complete lesson PowerPoint
- Differentiated activity sheets (x3)
- Venn diagram comparison sheet
- List comparison sheet

This lesson is also available as part of my rainforest lesson bundle here


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