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Multiplication Word Problems Escape Room

Multiplication Word Problems Escape Room

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Multiplication Word Problems Escape Room


Escape from the ghost ship!


Explore the ship, get into the crew quarters, feed the parrot and see if you can find the ghost pirate’s wooden leg so he will help you escape!


Learn and practice multiplication word problems with this fun math digital escape room. Children will need to explore the ship, answering questions and solving puzzles and collecting information to escape.


This game is played completely online, no logins required. You simply give your students the game URL and they can play.


Types of questions in the game:

  • There is treasure buried on 12 islands each chest has 31 pieces of gold in it. How much gold do they have?


  • The ship is rocking and 2 litres of water are spilling into the ship every hour! How many litres of water is in the ship after 12 hours?


  • Captain Peg likes to count his gold. It takes him 7 hours to count all his gold. He does this every day for a week, how many hours does he count for?


Please ask if you have any questions.

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