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Gangsta Granny Lesson Bundle

Gangsta Granny Lesson Bundle

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Gangsta Granny Unit of Work

Complete 34 Chapter bundle!

Thirty-four individual lesson to go with each chapter of the book! A complete Gangsta Granny novel study

This money and time saving bundle gives you everything you need to teach the whole book: Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

There are the Gangsta Granny lesson plans to save you time and provide easy direction, PowerPoints to guide your class through the lesson main points and learning intentions / objectives. Each lesson includes Gangsta Granny worksheets and instructions to prompt your kids to complete the set tasks and there are also Gangsta Granny chapter summary sheets for the end of each chapter to refresh your kids memory of the chapter and go over the main points, with Gangsta Granny comprehension questions.

This bundle covers many literacy topics such as:
⭐Story structures
⭐Character Descriptions
⭐Dairy Writing
⭐Verb Tenses
⭐Speaking and listening
⭐Play scripts
⭐Word Choices
⭐Persuasive texts
⭐Book reports
⭐Newspaper Reports
⭐Adjectives and Adverbs
⭐Instruction writing
⭐Descriptive texts
⭐Letter Writing
⭐And more⭐

Each lesson is available individually here

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