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Early Years Christmas Workbook

Early Years Christmas Workbook

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Early Years Christmas Workbook

Christmas Workbook and Activities for EYFS, Kindergarten and Pre-K

This maths, phonics, writing and reading Christmas resource is a 42 page workbook to develop daily skills in young children for preschool, the early years foundation stage or special needs. The activities for learning include matching letters, numbers, shapes, colors, Christmas pictures and words. There are pages to help with handwriting development and reading of CVC words. The pages can be laminated to reuse the same book in a binder folder or bound. Alternatively, printed and filled in or cut and paste to match the pictures and words.

Great for classroom work or homebased learning, without the planning.

 This workbook is great to encourage children to think about their words, numbers and colors, to help them remember the alphabet and to encourage their creative development.

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