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Dinosaurs Lesson

Dinosaurs Lesson

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Dinosaurs PowerPoint and Worksheets


This complete lesson takes away any stress in planning and preparing for an introductory lesson on dinosaurs. You can just print and go! Teach your class about the different types of dinosaurs that were alive, how we know this information and then look at how they died out.

The lesson covers all important aspects, so you don’t need any extra resources. Teach the class about these amazing creatures and how they lived, were different to each other and how fossils are formed and studied, before allowing them to demonstrate their new knowledge on differentiated worksheets.

The worksheets are great for books or can be used as displays.

What’s included? There is a detailed, 57 slide, PowerPoint on the types of dinosaurs, why they became extinct, the ways we learn about dinosaurs, what fossils are and how they are formed. There are also differentiated, 9 page, dinosaurs worksheets to allow children to demonstrate their understanding.

The slides all have engaging pictures and information, the worksheets have drawings which the children can color to decorate and make their work interesting and engaging.

This download includes:

☀️Complete 57 slide PowerPoint

☀️9 page worksheets (x3 differentiated)

☀️Answer sheets

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