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Life Cycle of Birds Lesson

Life Cycle of Birds Lesson

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Bird Life Cycles Science Lesson

Full lesson with worksheet and activity, to teach your class about the life cycle of a bird. Easy to follow lesson plans to save your time, no planning or prep required. Engaging, 47 slide PowerPoint details the bird life cycle and explains clearly the stages of life. Perfect for explaining the life cycles of animals and how they change.

Differentiated, life cycle of a bird, worksheets to meet all your learners’ needs and fun fact file activity with example to help consolidate their knowledge on birds’ life cycle stages. This download has everything you need!


This lesson is perfect for your science lessons!


☀️ Full lesson plan

☀️ Lesson PowerPoint

☀️ Differentiated bird life cycle worksheets

☀️ Example fact file

☀️ Fact file template

☀️ Answer sheet

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