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Billionaire Boy Worksheet Pack

Billionaire Boy Worksheet Pack

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Billionaire Boy Worksheet Pack

Perfect for guided reading or novel study on Billionaire Boy! This pack contains over 50 activities to structure you student’s while reading Billionaire Boy.

Including pre-read activities such as predictions and question cube to get them thinking about the book before they read.

During reading sheets to practice grammar and spelling, activities to help them think about the story with sheets of different social media sites for the characters and also writing and guided reading worksheets to encourage interaction with the book and the story.

Once the book is finished there are post reading activities to help them discuss themes and events from the book as well as again practice grammar and punctuation.

Everything you need to support your students through the reading of this book. Perfect for guided reading or as use with a class book.


This download includes:

Pre-read sheets:

✍Book predictions

✍Story ideas mind-maps

✍Pre-read question cube

✍Workbook cover page

✍Write a blurb worksheet


During reading sheets:

✍Adjectives in the book

✍Cause and effect sheet

✍Chapter illustrations

✍Character details sheet

✍Character drawings

✍Character Twitter page

✍Comic strips

✍Comparative and superlative worksheet

✍Compare characters

✍Dictionary work worksheet

✍Different settings worksheet

✍Draw a scene sheet

✍During reading question cube

✍Character Facebook page

✍Guided reading quick challenges

✍Character Instagram page

✍Interview a character sheet

✍Magpie words and phrases sheet

✍Character mind-map sheet

✍Newspaper template sheet

✍Nouns in the book

✍Problems and solutions

✍Speech marks worksheet

✍Spellings sheet

✍Author research sheet

✍Verbs in the book

✍Verb tenses worksheet

✍Word search

✍Diary entry worksheet

✍Character drawings sheet

✍Character family tree sheet

✍Compare characters sheet

✍Your favourite character sheet

✍Play-script worksheet

✍Character YouTube page

After reading sheets:

✍Write a poem sheet

✍After reading question cube

✍Book review sheet

✍Book title sheet

✍Crossword puzzle

✍Movie poster

✍Story basics

✍Story map

✍Top ten moments sheet

✍Playing card game

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