Ways to use AR in the classroom

Ways to use AR in the classroom

Ways to use AR in the classroom



I have talked a few times before about how much I love augmented reality (AR) I think it is such a great way to bring technology into the classroom and enhance the  children's learning as well as engage them in experiences they would not normally be able to have. 

If you are unsure about what AR means check out my previous posts on the subject. Basically augmented reality is where a computer-generated image is superimposed onto the user's view of the real world. Thing about the Pokemon Go game that everyone went crazy for a while ago...

For most of my AR activities I use the free app Metaverse, but there are many different ones you can use just have a quick search. I like Metaverse because it is so easy to use and children love the platform.  

Since I first started playing with AR in the classroom I have had so many more ideas for ways it can be used and I wanted to share them with you. 

As teachers we often use posters in our classrooms to give the student short pieces of information, the inclusion of AR in a poster can make it come to life! Think the talking paintings in Harry Potter! If you would like a free example of this download my free Martin Luther King, interactive quote poster. Where the children scan the poster and Dr. King will appear in your classroom to give your kids extra facts about the quote and even the option to hear the full speech. Such a fun way to help them learn.


  • Go on virtual field trips

Taking the whole class out on field trips every week is impossible, the expense and organisation, as well as the time involved makes this just not a real option. However you can use augmented reality to bring field trips into your classroom. Google expeditions, has fantastic trips the whole class can take without leaving the building


  • Play detailed games in your classroom
Escape rooms have become all the rage, and it is easy to see why, children love to play and learning through play doesn't stop at any age! Using AR you can hide virtual objects in your room. Send them on hunts for codes which tell them facts, or get them to piece together a mystery told by the virtual characters which appear to them! It is such a fun way to learn.
  • Give virtual rewards to improve behaviour

This is one of my favourites, if you use reward tags (brag tags) in your classroom, adding a virtual reality element to these by giving the children virtual rewards to collect along side the physical tag, is fun and exciting for the class. 


  • Explain complex lessons with real life moving examples

This one is great for all lessons but I particularly love it for science lessons, why look at pictures of a beating heart when one can be placed in front of your eyes? Helping children see things they wouldn't normally is great for opening their eyes to the wonder of the world. 


There is so much more you can do with AR this is just the beginning, but I hope these examples get you as excited by the possibilities as I am! 


Check out this free AR poster to see what you can do!

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