Teaching Children Using Augmented Reality (AR)

Teaching Children Using Augmented Reality (AR)



I have talked in a previous post about how excited I have become about Augmented Reality (AR)

I wanted to write this post to go into a little more detail about how to use this very powerful tool. 

You need to use an iPad, iPhone or an android device. There are a few different apps available that allow teachers to use AR in the classroom, but my favourite is the free Metaverse AR App. This app allows teachers and students to scan QR codes to launch interactive AR experiences. There are also thousands of experiences already saved in the app which can be searched for and accessed without a code. 

Once a code is scanned, or an experience selected, children will see characters appear in the classroom! It is such a fun way to teach children with an extra dimension and engagement. There are no limits to the uses for this technology, the app has already many escape rooms, quizzes and learning experiences. 

Take a look at my AR resources, this is the future of learning! 

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