Do you want to solve a mystery?

Do You Want to Solve a Mystery?

Have you ever taken part in one of those murder mystery games? Where you collect clues and work to solve the crime? I went to one recently and had such a great time. It made me think about the escape room games I play with my students. I decided to create some fun mystery games that can be used to revise learning and still be fun!

Here are some pictures of my mystery learning games.

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So do you want to try a game? See if you can solve the mystery? If you want to have a play with your class or for yourself check out the free game here!



Let me know if you enjoyed the game and if you think your students would like to play a full version!

Use the code below to get 20% off a mystery game like the ones below!

This game is a smaller sample of my bigger Mystery games

In my store, I have larger games that practice math and grammar skills.

The full games have the students hunting for the criminal, the motive, and the location of the stolen items. The complete games include more questions and 10 pieces of evidence and clues.

Grab a full game for 20% off with the code:



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