I don't know what to write on my blog!

I don't know what to write on my blog!



Writing a blog for your teaching resources store can be very helpful. It will drive traffic, build your audience and boost your search engine ranking. 

All this is great, except if you do not know what to write about. I have discussed blogging before on this blog and I tell people to write about their products. That sounds great but not that easy, how can I write about my products with out being a sales pitch? Well the answer is that you give away your secrets! 

You need to tell people how to make your products, go into detail about how your resources are made what the teachers can do to make them and use them in their classroom.  This might seem like a bad plan, why give them the ability to make their own when you want them to buy from you? The answer is, teachers are short on time, very short on time, you are providing them with an opportunity to get some of that time back and to have it all done for them. If there are some teachers who read your blog and decide they will make the resources you talked about themselves, great, you have helped your fellow teachers. The majority will read about how to make your fantastic resource, maybe even have a go at making it, realise quite how much work it is and opt to buy it from you at a reasonable price instead. 

For a real life example of this, my blog posts and training for teachers on how to make interactive brag tags. I walked teachers step by step how to create these tags and even supply the templates, armed with this training and new knowledge, teachers could spend hours making their own tags, or (much more likely) they can spend $2 and buy them from me. 

This is how you use your blog posts to drive traffic to your store, you give them the tools to do it themselves, but offer them an easy option in your products.

If you are a new seller (or even if you aren't) click here to grab your free seller starter pack. This pack contains your seller planner and 101 ways to market your store list. 

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