Ever wanted to use reward tags and augmented reality in your classroom?

Ever wanted to use reward tags and augmented reality in your classroom?

Come join my exciting free training!

I know how difficult behaviour management can be and it is so important to get it right from the beginning. If you have ever considered a new way to help the children make the right choices then reward tags might be the way forward for your class!
This week I will be starting a special five day training to teach you wonderful people how to create your own reward tags and use them in your classroom.
This isn’t any old training, you will be learning how to make interactive reward tags that use augmented reality to make the children’s reward tags come to life!
I am really excited about this training and would love it if you wanted to join me!
The training is over 5 days and will cover:

  • Day 1: What are reward tags? What do I need to use them? Planning how we will implement them into our classrooms
  • Day 2: Setting up your reward tags and creating your first ones
  • Day 3: Creating your augmented reality elements part 1
  • Day 4: Creating our augmented reality elements part 2 (yes this needs two parts sorry)
  • Day 5: Explaining to parents and other parts of the system

This training is going to be happening live, with each day an email explaining that day’s task and then an afternoon Facebook and Instagram live with more details and to answer any questions you might have.
To join in this completely free challenge you just need to visit this page and sign up to let me know you would like to learn more about this new approach.
I hope you to see you in the challenge! It is going to be fun!

Come join the training

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