Wrapping up the school year

Wrapping up the school year

It's the end of the school year, time is flying past and we are all working like busy bees to get everything done and finished.

With this time of year making us all a bit loopy (teachers and kids) I thought I would share with you my advice for the end of the year.

Fill the time

It is very easy to stop planning in depth lessons at this time of year. I can see the attraction. Remember that the time still needs to be filled and filled constructively. Use all the pre-made resources available to you on the internet to give your children fun filled days, but make sure they are filled. It is a bored class that makes trouble in the hot last few days of term.

Create mementos

Take time to create memories for yourself and the children. Take photos, make pictures and send the children off for the summer with happy memories and mementos of their time with you. If you are short of ideas Pinterest is a gold mine!

 Prep for next year

Do as much in your last few weeks for next year, as you possibly can. Cut down on your summer work. File new paperwork, prep new displays and change around your classroom as much as you can. Save your summer for relaxing!

Throw things away

End of the year, is the perfect time to clear out. Throw out anything you do not need and will not need in the near future. I know the temptation is to keep everything in case it becomes important. but if it's not on the MTP then you probably will not need it and if you do end up needed it someone else will have kept a copy!  Clear classroom is a calm mind.

Go easy on yourself

Be kind to you. Your children are exhausted, so are you. Take the time to stop whenever you can. Give the children independent work and keep your sanity with as little in depth marking as possible. Everyone is tired don't feel bad about it!

Enjoy these last few weeks and say goodbye to your class in style.


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