Three Ways to Incorporate Positive Mental Heath in Your Classroom

Three Ways to Incorporate Positive Mental Heath in Your Classroom


It is important to be aware of our students' mental heath. We need to promote a happy and healthy classroom environment. With this in mind here are my three favourite ways to promote a positive mental health classroom

1- Make talking about feelings and mental health normal

Making time to talk about how everyone is feeling, creates a safe space in school. If children are used to expressing their feelings it will feel normal to discuss the more uncomfortable topics. 

Having boards with the different emotions on can help, as well as anonymous feelings boxes where children can tell you how they feel. All these things can lead to the discussion of mental health issues. 

2- Encourage children to recognise their emotions

Make time for PSHE lessons that discuss the way an emotion can make you feel. Allow children time to calm down in stressful situations to help them recognise how they are feeling. Mood boards that list reactions to emotions can help with this as well

3- Build strong relationships

One of the most important aspects of positive mental health in children is strong and healthy relationships. Teachers can help with this by making an effort to connect personally with each student individually. I know the school day is very busy but just a moment or two each day to ask about a child's interests can really boost the connection a child feels toward their teacher and by extension their school life. 


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