Teaching Children Kindness

Teaching Children Kindness

Teaching Children Kindness


We have lots of jobs as teachers, not only do we have to help children understand the world and facts around them, we also have to shape their character. 

Teaching children to be kind to others is an on going tasks, it doesn't only need to happen in the early years! 

Here are some ways you can teach and promote kindness in your classroom.



Giving your class awards for kindness is a great way to encourage them. It creates a respectful environment and children loved to be noticed doing the right thing! 



Encouraging your kids to keep diaries or journals with all the wonderful kind acts they complete is a great way to make them not only actively do nice things, but makes them think about the acts and why they decided to do them. Diaries are also great for sharing with the class and reminding them that they are responsible for each other.  



If you have some kindness acts in mind that you really want the children to do, kindness bingo is a great way to do this. Give each child a bingo card with an act in each square. When the children do one of the nice things on the card they can cross it off, the first one to get a whole line or the whole card, can be rewarded. 



The best way to spread kindness in your classroom is to lead by example. When children do kind things and show how kind they can be teachers can let the children know they have been noticed and celebrate their kind acts. Sending notes home or even just letting children celebrate in class is a fun way to spread a nice classroom atmosphere. 



It is a good idea to use National Kindness Week to plan kind acts. Let the children think about and plan the acts they will carry out and the lives they will make better with this plan. 


Spread kind thoughts

In keeping with the lead by example idea, having posters and nice saying for your class can really spread a feeling of caring amongst your children. I like to use these tear off sayings, they give the children a boost when they might need it! 


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