Teaching Children About Environmental Issues

Teaching Children About Environmental Issues


Conservation is a very real issue in the world and a subject which is frequently in the news. Children need to be taught about the dangers facing our planet and it needs to be in a delicate and real way. 

The duty to teach this thorny subject often falls to teachers and it can be tricky. 

While we want children to understand the dangers and the trouble that the world is facing, we also don't want to scare them with graphic descriptions and details about dead animals! 

Crafting such a delicate lesson takes a lot of thinking about. Some of the best ways to approach this is with honesty and age appropriate pictures. Teaching children about oil spills for example can lead to discussions on how oil affects the feathers on birds, how the sea and fish are affected and what can be done about it. This doesn't mean we avoid the difficult topics just we come at them from an informed place. Don't start out with all the dead fish and move from there, you need to build to it. 

Similarly, if you are teaching children about climate change and the destruction of the rainforest. You can start with the need for wood, explaining why these things happen before moving onto the more sensitive areas of climate change and how animals are losing their homes. 


Recycling is a great way to bring the subject closer to home. Students can understand that rubbish can be a problem, you can create lessons which show the amount of rubbish generated and how it is shipped to land fills. Let the children collect rubbish from their own play ground and use lots of discussion to talk about the dangers our earth faces. 


The dangers to the environment shouldn't be avoided just because they are difficult subjects and as teachers we have a duty to educate children about the world in which they live


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