Look after your teacher bestie!

Look after your teacher bestie!



Teaching is a tiring job! We are all exhausted and need to lean on each other. At difficult times your co-workers are the best people in place to understand the problems you face at work. 

Often teachers can feel isolated and with more teachers leaving the profession every day we need to look after the ones we have left!

With this in mind here are some ideas to build strong relationships and to look after the other teachers in your school - you never know who might turn into your teacher-bestie! 

Make sure leadership know about problems - I know this sounds a bit scary but keeping your managers involved can often give you the support you (or your colleagues) might need. 

Make time to share ideas and experiences - you may have had the most fantastic lesson, so tell someone why it worked. You never know when they might need the same idea.

Share treats! Everyone loves free chocolates and sweets. If you have a packet share with the new teacher. It might be the first nice thing someone has done for her! Never underestimate the small gestures.

Tell others they matter - you don't know what kind of day your co-workers are having until you talk to them and even then many people insist everything is fine when it isn't. Tell other teachers they matter, they are making a difference and you are there for them to moan if they need to

Use silly gestures - staff badges, brag tags and certificates might seem stupid but they can make someone smile and that is the point!


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