It's finished!

I did it! I finally finished the unit of work I've been working on for over three months! I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to finish, life gets in the way I guess and also I have been working full time and creating other products but it is done! And here it is:
 photo cover page.jpg
This is my complete cross curricular unit of work on the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages!

It has 34 complete individual lessons covering things like, clothes, food, homes, hunting and art. Plus loads more. It hits all the NC requirements, with a big emphasis on historical enquiry. I'm really proud of it. (cue more, pictures)

 photo thumb 2.jpg
 photo thumb 1.jpg
 photo thumb 3.jpg
If you want a look it is in my TPT store here and my TES store here.

Hmmmm I wonder what I should do now...... maybe the washing up.

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