Great Activities to Get Your Class Excited About Earth Day

Great Activities to Get Your Class Excited About Earth Day

Great Activities to Get Your Class Excited About Earth Day

Earth day is on its way!

Let's have some fun on Earth Day :)

On the 22nd of April 2017 it is Earth Day again; this is a great time to teach your class about conservation and the environment. with this in mind I thought it would be a great idea to round up some ideas for fun ways to bring Earth Day into your classroom (I wish I could say these were all my ideas but no, they have been collected from around the internet, although I have used a lot of them and can safely say they are fab!)

Make your own weather station!
This is a really great hands-on activity for the children, it does not take a lot of equipment and is fantastic to explain the weather and changes in climate!

Get full details here at the wonderful nurture store blog!

Another fantastic (although messy) idea is to get the class making their own recycled paper. If you are anything like me your classroom scrape tray is overflowing with random bits of paper that you cannot use. Get the kiddos to make their own recycled paper from the pulp of unwanted scrap! They love doing this and once they start they will be bringing you handmade paper from home as well!

There are great instructions here at Schooling a Monkey

And of course you could always get them growing their own plants. This is fun in itself but when you add eyes and hair it is even better! Check out this lovely Crafting is my Life blog post with pictures on making this process fun!

With all these physical activities you may also want to teach them some facts about Earth Day and conservation, don't forget to check out my Earth Day PowerPoint and worksheets pack for a fun way to get your class excited about saving the environment.


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