Great Ideas for Fun, Whole Class, Treats

Great Ideas for Fun, Whole Class, Treats

Giving class rewards can be a tricky business. There are lots of time when it is necessary to offer a whole class reward. It encourages the children to work together, it creates a group feeling amongst the class and is a lot of fun!


The way you choose to award your class treat is up to you. Some people like to collect marbles and others do dojo points, I will write another post about ways to collect rewards but for now we will be thinking about ways to treat the class as a whole (without spending any money!) 


One of the best ways I have ever used to treat my class is the most fun! I let the children choose a dance video from YouTube. We push back the tables and chairs and then follow the dance moves on the screen. The kids love it so much and are particularly excited when I join in! 

I have found the best videos are: 




Another way to treat the class as a whole is a pass, this can be something along the lines of a homework pass - no home work this week for anyone! You could offer them a pass on a test or a particular chore they all hate.


And of course the old favourite, extra play time! 

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