Getting Behaviour Right From Day One

Getting Behaviour Right From Day One

Getting Behaviour Right From Day One


Well hello!

Sorry it has been such a long time since I posted, this time of year everything else seems to take over!

Now over here in the UK there is still one week of term left until summer but for my lovely American friends lots of you are getting ready to go back! With that in mind I wanted to talk about setting your behaviour expectations from day one! So here are my helpful tips for getting off on the right foot with your new class.

1 - Discuss the rules with your class
I know this might sound like an obvious one but I'm not talking about telling them the rules, I mean to discussing the rules. Ask the children why they think they are important and if they like the wording. This involves them a lot more in the rules of the classroom and sets a community feel.

2 - Don't set the bar too low
The behaviours and actions that you decide deserve rewards are a personal decision but try not to fall into the trap of reward expected behaviour. It is fine to express happiness when children follow the rules but if it is every day expected behaviour it shouldn't be singled out for rewards. This can lead to difficulties when having to deal with behaviour problems.

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3 - Watch your phases
I am very guilty of this and it can be so difficult some times. When teaching we often fall back on a set of phrases that we use to quiet the class. There is nothing wrong with this but they can be over used and that is when they become meaningless to the class. It is a good idea to change your quiet down phrases often and be prepared to find yourself slipping!

4 - Remember to laugh at yourself
Some times you will say something silly, you will make a mistake and even call out the behaviour of the wrong children. Remember to accept that you made a mistake and apologise if you can get this going from day one then you will show the class that it is OK to make mistakes and change our behaviour for everyone's benefit.

If you do have behaviour issues in your class there is a fantastic post over on The Special Needs Teaching and Education Blog on Preventing Behaviour Escalation.  

I wish you all a fantastic back to school season and enjoy your holidays!


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