Back to School After New Year

Back to School After New Year

Back to School After New Year


Are you are already back to school for the New Year? Where did the holiday go? For me it went past in a blur!


With the New Year here it is a great time to put some changes in your classroom. Start the New Year on with a fresh outlook and a positive classroom! So here is my list of ideas to get you back into the swing of things and make your classroom ready for the year ahead.


Quick side note, if you don’t even have time to drink your coffee please don’t feel stressed out about not doing anything extra! Girl (or boy) you are at work! You are teaching that alone is amazing you rock!

Back to school new year

  • Have a bit of a clear out – I know it is hard to throw stuff out, but seriously… if you do end up needing 100 plastic flower pots you will find them again.


  • Re-do those bulletin boards – take a good hard look at those boards. They might have been amazing when you first put them up but are they really still rocking it?


  • Restock that treat box – You may have made a resolution to stay away from chocolate but still, trust me, restock your teacher treat box. If you don’t end up eating it I have found that sweets are a fantastic way to bribe other teachers when you need a favour!


  • Update your classroom theme – this goes along with the boards point. Giving your kids something exciting to come back to is a real morale booster! If you are interested in revamping please check out my pre-made classroom themes here.


  • Put your happiness on show – on your desk, on the wall behind the cupboard door, wherever you like put something that makes you happy and reminds you why you are doing this. For me it is always pictures of my kids laughing. But sometimes it is a picture of the large bottle of gin waiting for me at home… just saying.


What ever you get done I wish you all a very happy year and fantastic lessons 

If you are looking for some fun New Year activities for your class please stop by my shop



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