Five Important Things to Keep in Mind as a New Teacher-Seller

Five Important Things to Keep in Mind as a New Teacher-Seller


It can be difficult as a new seller, you can lose motivation, it can feel like you are wasting your time and other people seem to be so far ahead of you. There are some things to remember if you are a new seller and wondering if this really worth all the time and effort you are putting into your store. 

1- We all started small

It can be hard to keep motivated when it feels like all the other sellers are already doing so well. Everyone starts with a small store that no one takes notice of. Just because you are a small store now you wont stay that way. Starting out is what everyone has to do! 

2- Time of year is important

Many teachers start to look at TPT in the summer holiday, or just before. This is a great time to launch your store as you have the time to make your resources, but it is also a time when sales will be dead! During school holidays your sales will drop, teachers are not planning when they should be relaxing (at least they shouldn't be!). 

Keeping positive is important, put the work in now and when sales pick up, your store will be ready. Your customers can't buy things you haven't made!

3- Trust is important and takes time

Buying online is a lot about trust. Building trust with your buyers means they will want to buy from you and know that the resources they are getting will be good. The way to build trust is with reliable freebies, a good online presence and a significant amount of resources in your store. 

4- Successful sellers stuck it out

One of the main differences between the successful TPT sellers and those that aren't doing much - sticking it out. It can be frustrating when your store is slow to build but stick at it. When you are building your business you need to keep reminding yourself it will be worth it when you are living the life you want.

5- It's your store and your business

Anything you do in your store can be changed. If you do something and it doesn't work out, you can change it. If you price a product wrong, you can change it, if you hate the name you originally chose, you can change it! 

Don't let fear of doing things wrong stop you from trying. Although do try and learn how to do it the right way first :)


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