A sentence that changed my business

A sentence that changed my business

A sentence that changed my business


Recently I heard some wisdom that really stuck with me, it was a really simple statement and not particularly ground-breaking but it made a real difference with me and my business. So I am sharing it with you.

You don’t have to make your money back in the same place you lost it!

I will say that again slightly differently

You don’t have to make your money or time back in the same place you spent it!

I read this sentence and just moved on, but then I came back to it again….

This is really important and once it sunk in with me I realised quite how profound it really was.

This sentence can be used two ways in your business, firstly it can help you when you are throwing money or time at something in your business. You may feel that you have invested so much in something you really need to make it work. I have done this! I have spent lots of time making something, got so close to finishing it, and suddenly realise it is not going to work, I spend days, weeks even trying to find a way to make it work. I do this just because I feel I have spent so long on it and I have invested myself in it. I don’t need to justify adding more time (or money) into this resource. Put it in the finish later folder and move on! It is different, of course, if you love it and want to work on it, but if it is just draining you! Just put it away and move on!
In this case the sentence makes perfect sense and it gives you permission to abandon things that are not making you happy!
The second interpretation of this statement is the one that really affected me.
I have a hard time investing in my business, I tell people all the time how important it is, but I still struggle myself. If it is something untested by myself I find it hard to believe it will be worth my time and money. The end result of this is that I just don’t do it! So this statement is about permission. It is like coming at an investment from the idea that “yes, it may not work” but that’s ok, because no matter what it costs me I can make that money back in a different area of my business and it is still a win!

You don’t have to make your money back in the same place you spent it!

Buy those ads, pay for the new website, learn how to make digital resources, invest in yourself! Even if that particular product doesn’t take off, it doesn’t matter. It is still worth doing.
I hope this post made sense, it had such an effect on me that I just had to share!


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